Colt Lightning- 22 cal, Blue, Small Frame

The Colt Lightning Carbine or Colt Lightning Rifle was a slide-action(pump-action) rifle manufactured by Colt from 1884 to 1904 and was originally chambered in .44/40 caliber. Colt eventually made the Lightning Rifle in three different frame sizes, to accommodate a wide range of cartridges, from .22 Short caliber and .38-40 to .50-95 Express.

The small-frame Lightning (also referred to as "Second Model Colt Lightning") was the first rimfire rifle made by Colt and was manufactured between 1887 and 1904 as a plinking and gallery gun. Colt records indicate 89,912 were made, in .22 Short and .22 Long.Barrel length was 24 in and the rifles had a blued finish, case-hardened hammer, and a walnut stock.