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Semi Auto

SOLD Baby Browning Nickel with Faux Pearl Grips

Type Pistol
Place of origin Belgium
Service history
Used by French Resistance, US Air Force
Wars World War II
Production history
Designer John Browning
Dieudonné Saive
Designed 1927
Manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal
Manufacture d'armes de Bayonne
Precision Small Parts, Inc.
Precision Small Arms, Inc.
Produced 1931–present
Weight 275 g (9.7 oz)
Length 104 mm (4.1 in)
Barrel length 53.6 mm (2.11 in)
Height 72 mm (2.8 in)

Cartridge .25 ACP 6.35mm
Action Blowback-operated semi-automatic
Muzzle velocity 230–500 m/s (750–1,640 ft/s)
Feed system 6-round sealed bottom, flat follower magazine; a rounded follower and removable inner and outer bottom plates were incorporated in 1984
Sights Fixed iron notch and blade