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Colt King Cobra, 357, Stainless, 4 inch NOT AVAILABLE

First introduced in 1986, the Colt King Cobra is a medium frame double-action revolver featuring a six round cylinder which was designed and produced by the Colt's Manufacturing Company and marketed to law enforcement agencies and civilianfirearms enthusiasts. Available in blued and stainless steel finishes in a variety of barrel lengths and chambered for centerfire.357 Magnum ammunition.

Despite the presence of a ventilated rib atop the barrel and its outward similarity to the Colt Python,[2] the King Cobra design is based upon that of an earlier Colt model, the venerable Trooper MK V, improved with the addition of a heavier-duty barrel, full barrel length cylinder ejection rod protection shroud, and the aforementioned thicker solid rib on top of the barrel. The King Cobra was introduced in 1986, discontinued in 1992, and returned to Colt's product line in 1994. Dropped a second time in 1998, it has not been produced since.