CZ 54- 7.62 Tok, Stamped w/ Crossed Swords

The vz. 54 (also known as CZ 482 or CZ-54) is a semi-automatic pistol designed by two brothers, Jan and Jaroslav Kratochvíl, in the early 1950s for the Czechoslovakian military. Around 500,000 vz. 54’s ("vzor 54" means "model of 1954") were made by Česká Zbrojovka in Strakonice from 1954 to 1960. It replaced the multitude of pistols left over from the war and was exported widely. After 30 years of military service, the vz.54 was eventually replaced in service by the vz. 85, but remains a popular weapon with civilian enthusiasts.

The vz. 54 pistol is a roller-locked short recoil-operated, detachable box magazine-fed, single-action, semi-automatic pistol firing the 7.62x25mm cartridge, weighing approximately 2lb. Military and Police models feature either a parkerized finish or a gray oxide coating, and civilian models in blue, although some Czech Government vz. 54s have been arsenal refinished blue. This was done to a number of pistols that were factory refurbished in the 1970s. Officially refurbished guns are usually marked as such with the date and arsenal that undertook the work.