JP Sauer & Sohns 38H Police Model- 7.65, Eagle over Nazi w/ C Police

The Sauer 38H was produced in three basic models. Generally, the slide of the first model says "JP Sauer und Sohn" on the left. The second version says only "CAL 7.65", and the third version omits the safety and the cocking/decocking lever. Towards the end of the war, weapons produced were simplified for quicker, cheaper production. For the 38H, this meant simpler markings, rough finish, and the elimination of features like the slide-mounted safety. Much more rarely, some late production examples retained the safety but omitted the cocking/decocking lever. So-called "late-war" models were still fully functional though. Final examples, produced until April 1945 when the factory was overrun by the Allies, feature mismatched serial numbers and poor fit and finish.